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How to Connect to the Millsaps Computer Club Unix System =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 11 Aug 2018 by Jesse Downing

Hello there, members of the ~~Moss Point~~ Millsaps computer club! Today I'm going to give you all a quick tutorial in connecting to our Raspberry Pi server, which you should have an account on. If you don't have an account, just ask the current sysadmin (probably the president) how to connect!

First off, you're going to need an SSH client. The good news is, your computer probably already has OpenSSH! From your command line, just try running the command SSH. If the program exists, you're good! On any Mac, Linux, or BSD machine, you should be able to access it from your terminal. On the newest versions of Windows (Windows 10 in 2018 and onwards), you can access it from the Command Prompt. If you have WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) installed, you can also access it from there.

If you would like a more robust SSH client for Windows, or if you just don't have one installed, you can always get PuTTY. It's an excellent terminal emulator with lots of features that will help you venture into the world of text-based computing (and I guess X11, if yer a prude).

Okay! So here's the deets you need!

Port Num:    333 (or 323 for Telnet)
Username:    <provided by your sysadmin>

The syntax for the SSH command is simple, just type in:

ssh -p PORT username@hostname

So in our case, it would be

ssh -p 333

You will then be prompted for your password. PLEASE change this with the passwd command. (Note to any sysadmin in the future: don't up someone's permissions unless they change their heckin' password).

And that's it! If you want to use PuTTY, just enter in the correct hostname and port number and mark the service as SSH. You can configure the rest however you'd like. SSH keys are also welcome (and more secure)!

Telnet is also available if for whatever reason you can't use SSH (i.e. you're "dialing in" from a classic Mac or perhaps using a Wifi232). It's just not recommended, and keep in mind that Telnet is I N S E C U R E. Your password is transmitted in plain text! Be spooked!

Files can be transferred via SFTP on the same port with your user credentials. Go for it, my dudes. Just don't fill up our server with junk (the Pi has v little storage).

That's all! Have fun with yer shell!