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Hello again!

I've added a 'tutorials' section to the website (which might eventually get changed to a "User Docs" section instead, just depending on how much the feature gets used). The plan is to post tutorials about how to do various things on the Computer Club server (create a gopher site, website, hosts docs, play Minecraft, etc). Once my reign as president has ended, or possibly sometime shortly before it ends, I'm interested in possibly starting up a Pubnix system, using the stuff we have here as a base. Granted, nothing I have on this server isn't something that isn't better had on SDF or a Tilde service, so I'm not sure lol. I'll have to find something unique to do.

Anyway, that's all for now. Feel free to join our Minecraft server!
Tue 03/10/20 04:15AM - Jesse Downing


It's yer long lost president, hiding away in the Japan land. I'm still active behind the scenes, though, and I'm here with an update!

Soon we're going to be opening up a public Discord server for Millsaps Students! It's going to be an excellent platform not only for chatting and discussing things with your fellow students, but it will also be a great opportunity for student organizations to advertise their upcoming events and have a more direct channel to get the word out than just e-mail or paper flyers.

We'll be putting up flyers at some point during the month of October advertising the Discord server and for now will be letting a limited number of people join ahead of the public release. But we hope that you enjoy the server! Be kind to one another!

Thu 09/19/19 07:23AM - Jesse Downing

Gophernicus has officially been moved to the new server! Members, feel free to start your own Gopher holes by creating a folder named "gopher" in your home directory. There is a Gophermap tutorial in public_drop.
Wed 03/27/19 02:25AM - Jesse Downing

The server has been successfully migrated from the Raspberry Pi to the HP Elitedesk! Woo! The only thing left to set up is Gophernicus.
Mon 03/25/19 12:25AM - Jesse Downing

The website got a new coat of paint! Now instead of Times New Roman, the font is 11pt monospace, and the colors are DarkOrange and SaddleBrown! These colors are a bit easier on the eyes than the purple, and they're reminiscent of the displays on the DEC vt320s we have :p.

(If the website is black and grey for you, your browser doesn't support CSS variables. Update your browser!)
Thu 02/21/19 02:17PM - Jesse Downing