Learning Linux with the Millsaps Computer Club
From: Downing, Jesse <downijh@millsaps.edu>
Tue 5 Mar 2019, 10:41AM

Hey guys,

I've come down with the flu and as a result am unable to hold the final Linux Lesson. There are several things I wanted to go over, but it looks like now I won't get the chance.

But hey! If you showed up you got all of the basics of navigating the Linux command line, so learning other things is just one step away! There are a lot of good Pubnix (Public Unix) systems and communities out there that can help you learn more.

The Super Dimension Fortress (SDF) - Online in some form or another since 1987. Currently the world's largest NetBSD testing ground. Has a huge community built up around it and thousands of active users all around the world. Games and learning tools built into the server. Has a lot of paid services but in general is free to use.

Cosmic Voyage - A semi-collaborative sci-fi writing experiment using the shell. Users can request a login by e-mailing register@cosmic.voyage. Has IRC and games built in too.

#! (hashbang) - I don't remember much about this one other than the fact that it's interesting and has a small community built up around it. To see a note about connecting, view the source code of the web page.

There's also a fun game on Steam called Hacknet, that's a Unix-like simulation. It's not the *best* representation of a Unix system, but it is very fun, so I'd recommend it for anyone interested. It's $10 (although, I definitely recommend buying the complete edition that includes the Hacknet Labyrinths DLC).

I also put together a YouTube playlist of some interesting videos that I thought I might get to use while teaching the lessons. Check it out here. (And if you showed up to the previous lesson, I recommend watching the GREP video by Computerphile).

The audio recordings of the first two lessons are still available at http://mpcclub.info:480/, but they will be migrated to the main website at some point when the Linux Lessons server is set up as our primary server.

I hope that you all enjoyed the lessons! Hopefully we can do something like this again next year :>

Your President,
Jesse Downing
President & Founder of the Millsaps Computer Club
President of the Society for the Advancement of Electronic Culture (SAEC)
Eudora Welty Fellow & Web Developer
Millsaps International Buddy

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